Aline de Sa, Ph.D.

Academic History
Lehigh University
Ph.D. 2012, Psychology
M.S. 2008, Psychology

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil,
B.A, 2005, Psychology

Research Interests
My research interest lies on children’s social and emotional development, more specifically, on how children’s narratives and play might foster their social competence and emotion understanding. I’m also interested on identity formation of preschoolers and the role of gender during this period.

Conference Presentations
Sa, A. & Nicolopoulou, A. (2008) Gender differentiation pattern for gendered narrative 
    styles, partner preferences,and stereotypic role adaptation. 

    Poster presented at the Third Gender Development Research Conference
    (San Francisco, CA, April 11-12).

Nicolopoulou, A., Brockmeyer, C., Schewebel-Cortina, K. Ilgaz, H., & Sa, A. (2008) Using 
    play and Narrative to Promote Low-Income Preschoolers’ Language, Literacy, and 
    Social Competence,
In: The Developmental and Educational Contributions of 
    Pretend Play Across the Life Span, Symposium presented at AERA 2008 Annual Meeting
    (New York, NY, March 24-28).

Sa, A. (2007) Promoting Social Understanding and Social Competence in Low-Income 
    Preschoolers through a Storytelling and Story-Acting Activity, 
Symposium presented at 
    the 7th Annual Cross University Collaborative Mentoring Conference 
    (New York, NY, May 4-5).

Vasconcellos, V. & Sa, A. (2006) Play and imitation in peer interactions, Sumposium 
    presented at the Annual Jean Piaget Society Meeting (Baltimore, MD, June 1-3).

Vasconcellos, V., Lopes, J. & Sa, A. (2004) Migration of Children: Understanding Space 
    and Place, In: Development in poverty-stricken contexts. Symposium presented at t
    the Annual Jean Piaget Society Meeting (Toronto, Canada, June 3-5).