Deborah Laible

Research Interests
The influence of parent-child discourse on the development of social, emotional, and self understanding; the role of attachment security in shaping mother-child discourse and socioemotional development; relational influences on the development of socially competent behavior (e.g., prosocial and moral development), the structure of conscience in adolescence.

Selected Recent Publications
Laible, D., Kumru, A., Carlo, G., Streit, C., Yagmurlu, B. & Sayil, M. (in press).  The longitudinal associations between temperament, parenting, and Turkish children’s prosocial behavior. Child Development. 

Laible, D., Carlo, G., Davis, A., & Karahuta, E. (in press).  Maternal sensitivity and effortful control in early childhood as predictors of adolescents’ adjustment: The mediating roles of peer group affiliation and social behaviors in middle childhood.  Developmental Psyschology.  

Laible, D., Carlo, G., Murphy, T., Augustine, M., & Roesch, S. (2014).  Predicting children’s prosocial and cooperative behavior from children’s temperamental profiles. Social Development, 23, 734-752.

Laible, D., McGinley, M., Carlo, G., Augustine, M., & Murphy, T. (2014).  Does engaging in prosocial behavior make you see the world through rose colored glasses?  The links between social information processing and prosocial behavior, Developmental Psychology, 50, 872-880.

Newton, E. Laible, D., Carlo, G. Steele, J. & McGinley, M. (2014). Which comes first? The kind child or the sensitive parent?   Bidirectional influences between children’s prosocial behavior and parental sensitivity, Developmental Psychology, 50, 1808-1816.


Lehigh University Psychology - Laible
Chandler-Ullmann room 126
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D., 2000, Psychology
Brandeis University, B.A., 1995, Psychology

Teaching Interests: 

Child development
Attachment theory and research
Emotional development
Moral and prosocial development
The development of good and evil