Diane T. Hyland

Selected Publications
Toedter, L.J., Schall, R.R., Reese, C.A., Hyland, D.T., Berk, S.N. & Dunn, D.S. (1995). Psychological measures:  Reliability in the assessment of stroke patients? Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 76, 719-725.

Fisher, J, Toedter, L.J., Reese, C.A., Hyland, D.T.  (1994). Research and  residency  training:  A collaborative effort. Current Surgery, 51(2), 146-150.

Hyland, D.T., Kay, E. J. & Deimler, J.  (1994). Age 60 study, Part IV: Experimental evaluation of pilot performance. FAA Office of Aviation Medicine Reports, FAA-AM-94-23.

Hyland, D.T., Kay, E. J., Deimler, J.  & Gurman, E.  (1994). Age 60 study, Part II: Airline pilot age and performance: A review of the scientific literature . FAA Office of Aviation Medicine Reports, FAA-AM-94-21.

Hyland, D.T. & Ackerman, S.M. (1988). Reminiscence and autobiographical memory in the study of the personal past.  Journal of Gerontology, 43, 35-39.

Lehigh University Psychology - Diane Hyland
Professor Emerita
Syracuse University, Ph.D., 1981, Developmental Psychology
Bates College, B.A., 1974, Psychology

Teaching Interests: 

Social cognition in adulthood
Adult age differences in autobiographical memory
Aging and performance in airline pilots
Psychological adjustment to physical disability