Faculty and Staff


Kate Arrington
Cognitive Psychology, Attention and Cognitive Control, Cognitive Neuroscience, Research Methods and Statistics
Associate Professor
Perception, memory and cognitive development.
Lehigh University Psychology - Mark
Henry R. Luce Professor in Cognitive Robotics and the Philosophy of Knowledge
Theoretical psychology, Cognitive science, Developmental psychology, Language, Personality and psychopathology, Evolutionary biology, Cognition and the central nervous system, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of language
Amanda Brandone, Professor of Psychology at Lehigh University
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Child Development, Children's Thinking, Child Development and Social Policy
Lehigh University Psychology - Christopher Burke
Associate Professor
Statistical Methods, Research Methods, Stress, Coping, and Social Support
Nancy Carlisle Lehigh University Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Research Methods and Statistics, Introduction to Psychology
Lehigh University Psychology - Michael Gill
Professor, Chair
Psychology of Evil, Psychology of Morality, Personality
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Memory
Lehigh University Psychology - Diane Hyland
Social cognition in adulthood, Adult age differences in autobiographical memory, Aging and performance in airline pilots, Psychological adjustment to physical disability
Lehigh University Psychology - Laible
Child development, Attachment theory and research, Emotional development, Moral and prosocial development, The development of good and evil
Lehigh University Psychology - Lomauro
Adjunct Professor
Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Clinical Assessment
Psychology of Language , Cognitive Psychology , Cognitive Science , Research Methods
Associate Professor, Director of Health, Medicine, and Society Program
Introductory Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Health Reasoning and Decision Making, Higher Order Cognition
Social Psychology, Person Perception, Social Cognition, Social Influence, Motivation, Stereotyping and Prejudice, Automatic Processing
lucy napper
Associate Professor
Health Psychology, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Research Methods and Statistics, Psychometrics
Lehigh University Psychology - Ageliki Nicolopoulou
Professor of Psychology and Global Studies
Sociocultural developmental psychology, Narrative, Storytelling, & Psychology
Padraig O'Seaghdha, Professor of Psychology at Lehigh University
Professor , Acting Director of Cognitive Science
Psychology of Language, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory, Research Methods
Social Psychology, Intergroup Relations, Intragroup Processes
Valerie Jones Taylor
Assistant Professor, Joint appointment in Africana Studies
Intergroup and Intragroup Relations, Psychology of Prejudice and Racism, Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology



Professor Emeritus

Lehigh University Psychology - Newman
Professor Emeritus
Introductory Psychology, Personality Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, History of Psychology
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus