Juan Valladares



Academic History

Brigham Young University
B.S. Psychology, 2017
B.A. Spanish, 2017

Research Interests
I am interested in two overarching research topics. One line of research assesses intergroup relations in interracial and intraracial interactions. I study how meta-perceptual concerns (e.g., metastereotypes) influence affective and behavioral outcomes and how this can be applied to virtual reality environments. I am particularly interested in processes underlying interminority relations. The second line of research deals with how understanding socio-cultural contexts can contribute to positive experiences in intergroup contact situations and toward reducing inequities. My research goal is to address some of the cross-cultural gaps concerning group behavior, stereotypes, and racial attitudes- especially as these phenomena relate to underrepresented areas and disadvantaged groups that have been overlooked in the literature.

You can find more information about these and other research projects in our lab page: https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ssilab/labteam-2/

Taylor, V.J., Valladares, J.J., Siepser, C., Yantis, C. (2020). Interracial Interactions in Virtual Reality: Best Practices. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Taylor, V.J., Brannon, T., & Valladares, J. (2019). Intergroup conflict through a sociocultural lens: How collective histories and memories impact intergroup understanding and misunderstandings. In Salter, P.S., & Mukherjee, S. (Ed.), History and Collective Memory: Its Role in Shaping National Identities.

Taylor, V. J., Yantis, C. A., & Valladares, J. (In Prep) “Will she assume I’m racist?” How racial ingroup members’ stereotypical behavior impacts White Americans’ interracial interaction experiences. Manuscript in preparation.

Valladares, J., Taylor, V. J., & Yantis, C. (2020). Managing interracial interactions: how meta-stereotypes and emotions predict coping responses after witnessing stereotype-confirming ingroup members. Poster presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference, New Orleans, LA.

Valladares, J., Taylor, V. J., & Yantis, C. (2019). Reaction to ingroup members’ stereotype-confirming behavior: Consequences for interracial contact. Poster presented at the Group Processes and Intergroup Relations Pre-conference, SPSP, Portland, OR.

Valladares, J., Sung, M., Tucker, M., Bettis, A., & Newberry, D. (2019). Re-writing the Script: How repeated engagement in virtual reality interracial interactions can transform U.S. race relations. Poster presented at the Lehigh University Mountaintop Expo, Bethlehem, PA.