Judging by First Impressions: The Impact of Appearance for Working Women


Friday, February 7, 2020 - 12:10pm


Dr. Kerri Johnson

Speaker University: 

UCLA/visiting scholar at NYU


CU 133

Abstract:  Impressions of others tend to be remarkably well-calibrated, and they often rely on cues in the face and body. In this talk, I will showcase the ubiquitous impact of gendered facial cues on consequential social judgments ranging from competence to scientific acumen. First, I will show that gendered facial cues shape impressions and evaluations of other people, with an emphasis on how “looking the part” impacts perceived competence in both politicians and scholars. Then I will extend these observations to a group level, describing the important implications of visible gender diversity workplace settings for bolstering feelings of fit/belonging and minimizing perceived hostility and sexism.

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