Justin Aoki, Ph.D.

Academic History
Lehigh University
Ph.D. 2015, Psychology
M.S. 2012, Psychology

University of Wisconsin-Stout
B.A. Psychology, 2008
Minor: Cognitive Neuroscience

Research Interests:
I am interested in understanding the powerful dynamics that moral sentiments can add to social interactions (e.g., from inciting violence to motivating benevolence).  My current research focuses on the different ways in which a person may be morally motivated, and how these different motivations may engender different responses (in terms of affect, judgments, and behaviors) to the same moral situations.

Packer, D.J., Aoki, J.T., & Frazier, P.A. (2012). On the advantages and disadvantages of a low resolution
     snapshot. [Review of Blumberg, H., Kent, M. V., Hare, P. M., & Davies, M. F. (2012). Small group
     research: Implications of peace psychology and conflict resolution. New York: Springer].
     Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 18, 201-202.
Conference Presentations:
Aoki, J.T. and Packer, D.J. (2014, February).  Put your money where your morals are: The importance of loss vs. gain in the moral domain.  Poster presentation at the 15th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Austin, TX.

Aoki, J.T. (March, 2013). Merging the moral and non-moral domains: The effects of loss & gain in the moral domain.  Symposium talk at the 2013 annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY

Aoki, J.T. and Packer, D.J. (2013, January).  Punishment of perceived moral transgression is deterred by costs incurred: A disconfirmation of the moral imperative hypothesis.  Poster presentation at the 14th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Aoki, J.T. and Packer, D.J. (2012, January).  Costly moral conflicts ignite aggression: When heated situations get even hotter.  Poster presentation at the 13th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Diego, CA.

Aoki, J.T. and Packer, D.J. (2011, May).  Moral mandates and aggression: If you are the weakest link, goodbye!  Poster presentation at the 23rd annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science, Washington, DC.

Honors and Awards:
College of Arts & Sciences Summer Research Fellowship, 2013
Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence, 2005-2008
Professional Affiliations:
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Association for Psychological Science
Eastern Psychological Association