Nick Ungson, Ph.D.


Academic History
Lehigh University
Ph.D. 2019, Psychology
M.S. 2015, Psychology

New York University
M.A. 2013, Psychology

University of Florida
B.S. 2010, Psychology
B.A. 2010, Religion

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the social cognition of intra- and intergroup processes. For my dissertation, I am examining the role of humor in promoting intragroup dissent; when people are exposed to funny criticisms about potentially harmful group norms (e.g., racial inequality in America), are they more likely to confront and attempt to change those harmful norms?

In another line of research, Dr. Dominic Packer and I are investigating how people balance the pursuit of collective and personal goals; for example, how do cooperative contingencies in the environment (for example, the presence of a third-party punisher) influence intergroup bias?

I am also interested in moral judgment. With Dr. Michael Gill, I am investigating how group membership moderates the extent to which historical information about a moral transgressor tempers blame, increases compassion, and influence punishment decisions.