PSYC 001 Research Requirement & Participant Pool


Learning about research through first-hand experience is a requirement of several psychology courses. This page provides information for PSYC 001 students. 

The Educational Benefit of Participating in Experiments
Many areas of Psychology are advanced through scientific research and experimentation. Much of what is taught in textbooks and lectures is knowledge accumulated through the scientific enterprise. Participation in the PSYC 001 Participant Pool gives students an in-depth look at how psychological research is conducted here at Lehigh. Alternatively, students may gain knowledge of psychological research by reading empirical journal articles and writing a paper. The intent is to both provide an educational experience for students and to help the people conducting the research make contributions to science.

How It Works
Early in the semester, you will receive information about the two options, experiment participation and paper writing. Once you've chosen an option, further details will be sent by email. If you have chosen to be in experiments, then a set of experiments will be assigned to you throughout the semester. In order to administer the experiments, we use an online system called SONA, which you will join and use to schedule your sessions. If you have selected to write a paper, then a selection of paper topics along with assigned readings will be sent to you

Detailed Information
Below are links to documents containing more detailed information. 

  •   PSYC 001 Research Requirement Procedures [Students also receive this document via email]
  •   Instructions for Using SONA and Managing Your Account
  •   Your Rights As A Participant
  •   Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting Us
The PSYC 001 Participant Pool is currently coordinated by Dr. Almut Hupbach and Channing Hambric (graduate assistant). You can contact them at: