Susan Barrett

Perception, memory and cognitive development.
The questions we are currently addressing include: How do children and adults learn to recognize people? How do children store and retrieve information from memory? How do chronic ear infections affect speech perception? 

Research Collaborations
My collaborators include Marion Cone Lapchak and Hillery Gross (at Lehigh), Bonnie Green (at East Stroudsburg University) and Alice O'Toole, Dana Roark, Melanie Spence, and Hervé Abdi (at the University of Texas at Dallas).

Graduate courses:
Developmental Psychology (Psyc 402)
Seminar in Cognitive Development (Psyc480)
Developmental Theories and Special Populations (Psyc 446)

Undergraduate courses:
Child Development (Psyc107)
Cognitive Development (Psyc351)
Infant Development (Psyc 358)
Psychology and the Law (Psyc359)
Experimental Research Methods and Laboratory (Psyc210)

Representative Publications:
Roark, D.A., Barrett, S.E., Spence, M.J., Abdi, H. and O'Toole, A.J. (2003). Psychological and neurological perspectives on the role of facial motion in face recognition. Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews, 2, 15-46.

Wild, H.H., Barrett, S.E., Spence, M.J., O'Toole, A.J, Cheng, Y.D., and Brooke, J. (2000). Recognizing and categorizing adults' and children's faces by sex in the absence of sex stereotyped cues, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 77, 269-291.

Barrett, S.E., Abdi, H., Murphy, G.L. and Gallagher, J.M. (1993). Theory-based correlations and their role in children's concepts. Child Development, 64, 1595-1616.

Barrett, S.E., Abdi, H. and Sniffen, J.M. (1992). Reflecting on process and structure: The child's understanding of cognition. In B. Burns (Ed.), Percepts, concepts and categories: The representation and processing of information, (pp. 275-322). New York: Elsevier. 

Associate Professor
Chandler-Ullmann room 128
Ph.D. (1987) Experimental Psychology
Brown University, M.Sc. (1983)
Clark University, B.A. (1981)

Teaching Interests: 

Perception, memory and cognitive development.