Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Intergroup Relations Graduate Certificate

Program Description

This certificate program is intended to improve understanding of how social groups, including those formed on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion, or gender, influence the way that people perceive and interact with each other.

The program is aimed at school administrators, educators, public policy and government workers, and other working adults.


For more information, please contact the Psychology Graduate Program Director Prof. Almut Hupbach at


Applications should be directed to the CAS Graduate Programs office. Applicants should use the NON-DEGREE GRADUATE STUDENT option. Applications can be found here.

Applicants must meet minimal requirements for admission to CAS graduate programs. Foreign nationals must meet standard language requirements. Applications will be forwarded by the CAS Graduate Programs office to the Psychology Department for admission decisions. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the certificate, chairs or graduate coordinators of other relevant departments will also be consulted in making admission decisions.

Department permission will also be required for admission to each individual course.

Program Requirements

The certificate requires a total of four courses from the following list.
At least two must be at the 400-level.

SSP 351a (WS 351) Gender and Social Change
SSP 379a (AAS 379) Race and Class in America (prereq: SSP 103 or consent of instructor)
SSP 374a Social Stratification
SSP 454 Urban Education: Inequality and Public Policy
Hist 325 (SSP 325, WS 325) History of Sexuality and the Family in the U.S.
Hist 326 (SSP 326) Social Class in American History
Hist 442b Readings in 20th Century American History
Psyc 311 The Psychology of Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Psyc 406 Social Cognition
Psyc 462 Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Psyc 464 Naïve Realism in Social Judgment
Psyc 498 Psychology of Gender

a  can be taken at the 400 level by registering for SSP 461. Contact the Department of Sociology and Anthropology for details.

b  topic varies; will count for the certificate when offered as "Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern U.S. History" or other relevant topic. Contact the Department of History for information on projected topics for upcoming semesters.