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Juan Valladares, Ph.D. in Psychology at Lehigh University

Strengthen Your Passion for Understanding

The Department of Psychology aspires to cultivate a community of learners dedicated to the common goal of using scientific methods to understand human thought, emotion and behavior.

Why Psychology at Lehigh?

The Department of Psychology at Lehigh offers vibrant undergraduate and graduate degrees that explore the complexity of the human mind and human behavior. With opportunities for dual majors and multiple minors, the undergraduate program includes rigorous academic training that is paired with opportunities for hands-on experience doing psychological research. Undergraduates are prepared for graduate school or for fulfilling careers in fields such as business, education, health care, law, and mental health and social services.

Graduate students are part of a collaborative community engaged in a research-intensive program with specializations in cognitive, developmental, and social psychology. Graduate students work in the labs of Psychology faculty and also collaborate with researchers in Lehigh’s Health, Medicine and Society Program, the Cognitive Science Program, as well as the Colleges of Business and Education. Many labs also have collaborators at other institutions.  

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Raihan Alam, psychology and political science double major at Lehigh University

Alumni Spotlight

Raihan Alam's undergraduate research experience led to his acceptance into a doctoral program at the University of California San Diego’s Rady School of Management.

Raihan Alam '23

Psychology & Political Science Double Major

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Attention Control

Nancy Carlisle, associate professor of psychology and cognitive science, examines the relationship between attention and memory in humans, and her work sheds new light countering long-held beliefs.

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Apply to Our Psychology Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Psychology at Lehigh University is a selective, research-intensive program that focuses on Cognitive, Developmental, and Social Psychology.