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Life After Lehigh

Lehigh commencement
Photography by Christa Neu.

What can you do with a psychology major?

Psychology majors cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to study at the graduate level or to embark on careers in a wide array of fields. In contrast to a major like engineering or accounting that provides highly specialized career training, psychology is a versatile major that fosters valuable skills that are transferable to a diverse range of career paths. By helping students to develop (1) an understanding of human behavior, thought, and emotion; (2) an appreciation of human diversity; (3) skills in scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving; and (4) skills in writing and oral communication, a psychology major opens the door to careers in business, education, health care, law, mental health and social services, and basic and applied research, among others.

The massive set of career paths available to psychology majors can be daunting for many students. The resources below are designed to help you explore your interests, learn about potential career paths, and prepare for life after Lehigh.