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BS Program in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in psychology is a highly structured and comprehensive behavioral science major.

The BS program offers broad training in psychological science with a concentration in Clinical & Behavioral Health, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience, Development, or Social & Personality Psychology. In addition to the required psychology coursework, the BS also includes designated courses in math or computer science, natural science, and other social sciences. These additional requirements mean that BS students have relatively fewer opportunities to pursue coursework outside of the major curriculum.  

The BS program is intended for psychology majors with strong interests in math and natural sciences. This program may also be attractive to students who are preparing for careers in medicine or related health fields because it incorporates some of the math and natural science courses required for professional study in these fields.

The BS major prepares students for graduate study in psychology or allied fields, as well as a diverse range of careers in health professions, education, business, and science.  

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