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Kate Arrington, Professor of Psychology at Lehigh University

Kate Arrington


Chandler-Ullmann room 130

Ph.D. from the Michigan State University, Cognitive Psychology

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Professor Arrington earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in 2002 from Michigan State University. After an NRSA-funded postdoctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University, she began her academic career at Lehigh in 2005. Professor Arrington is internationally-known for her research on cognitive control and its engagement during human multitasking. With support from NIH and NSF, she studies these topics in lab-based paradigms such as the voluntary task switching paradigm which she developed and more real-world settings such as in intelligent tutoring system use. She is deeply engaged with interdisciplinary research, currently directing Lehigh’s Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation. She is engaged in promoting the field of cognitive psychology, serving as a rotating program officer in the NSF Perception, Action, and Cognition program (2015-17), and people within the field, serving as the chair of Women in Cognitive Science starting in 2021. 

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Cognitive Psychology, Cognition in Practice and Policy, Research Methods and Statistics